Uqbar, Orbis and the WTO Moratorium on applying customs duties on electronic transmissions

Today in Uqbar, government officials are having a frank debate about whether to support the renewal of the WTO Moratorium on applying customs duties on electronic transmissions.

Andrea Andrenelli & Javier Lopez-Gonzalez

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Understanding the global trading system

How trade works today

Where do your things come from? Better understand how global trade works today, and how it’s different from the past.

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Why open markets matter

Trade remains a driver of economic prosperity, and has lifted millions out of poverty over the years. Here’s how.

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Trade challenges and opportunities

Trade and market openness go hand-in-hand with better economic performance, but there are concerns the current trading system is not working as it should.

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Making trade work for all

Only a more modern, comprehensive and coherent package of trade, domestic and international policies can help trade contribute to better lives for more people.

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