Strategy and Policy Group

The Strategy and Policy Group (SPG) brings together Members once a year to define the SWAC’s work priorities and approve the programme of work and budget, as well as activity and financial reports. Members also ensure the smooth functioning of SWAC through their financial contributions and designate the SWAC Honorary President. The position is currently held by Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki of Niger. The SWAC Secretariat is in charge of implementing the work programme.



European Commission and European External Action Service 

The European Union is an important partner and contributes to the financing of the SWAC programme of work, in particular activities linked to food security and resilience.


Eligible for membership are:

  • West African regional organisations
  • West African countries (ECOWAS members, Chad and Mauritania)
  • Development partner countries
  • International organisations

Members contribute with an agreed minimum financial contribution to the implementation of the Club's programme of work and participe in the SPG meetings.



  AU: African Union - NEPAD, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)


ROPPA: Network of Farmers' Organisations and Agricultural Producers of West Africa

World Bank


As Observers, the African Union and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency, the Network of Farmers’ Organisations and Agricultural Producers of West Africa (ROPPA) and the World Bank are closely associated with SWAC activities. 

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