The OECD is well-known for the range and quality of its statistical programme. Avoiding duplication when collecting these statistics is important and requires good co-ordination. To facilitate this co-ordination process, 
this website provides a comprehensive list of OECD statistical data collection programmes classified by theme. The aim is to provide information for data users and data providers on the OECD’s direct and indirect data collection and statistics production practices. There is also information on the schedules, collection tools and methodological standards followed by OECD countries. 

These programmes consist of activities related to data collected directly or indirectly from countries’ official statistics producers via questionnaires, Web Queries, online platforms and/or via SDMX. These activities are also often conducted in association with other International Organisations (e.g. Eurostat, UN agencies, etc.). Over the long term, the OECD strategy is to collect data and metadata via SDMX as the most efficient and effective solution for countries, not only in their dealings with the OECD but also for responding to demands of other international organisations and exchanging data with major users.

 Download questionnaires' transmission and submission dates (XLS)

Contact: [email protected]

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