The OECD and South East Europe


In the early 1990s, OECD members began to support reforms in SEE through peer learning, comparative analysis and good practice sharing across a range of policies. At the turn of the century, a protracted growth period enabled SEE to narrow development gaps with EU and OECD countries, however, the global economic crisis highlighted the need for strategic policy action for sustainable and inclsuive development in the region.


Against this backdrop, in 2015 OECD Ministers asked the Secretariat to strengthen its SEE regional programme. The programme thus aims to facilitate an all–of–OECD approach to co-operation with the region. Currently, the OECD work with SEE economies is indeed spanning various policy fields ranging from investment, competition, education, innovation and fiscal policy to good governance and the fight against corruption .

Featured OECD data: Air and Climate

PISA data: How does your country compare? (data for some SEE economies is not available)

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