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PIAAC Round 3 International Launch 

Round 3 Countries, 15 November 2019

The launch of the 3rd International Report and associated data for the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) will take place on 15th November, 2019 across Round 3 participating countries/economies. This report represents the final phase of the first cycle of the Survey with the release of results from the six countries participating in the third round of data collection: Ecuador, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru and the United States. With the completion of Round 3 of the study, a total of 39 countries and economies would have participated in the study.


Call for Papers - 6th PIAAC International Conference 

Rome, Italy, 28-29 January 2020

The OECD, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Labour, is organising the 6th PIAAC International Conference in Rome in January of 2020.  The purpose of the conference is to promote the use of PIAAC data to help address relevant policy issues.

The organisers are launching a call for papers to be presented during the Conference. The papers should be primarily based on PIAAC data and have a clear policy focus, covering topics of relevance to economic, education, employment and social policy.


Those interested in participating in the conference and present their papers should send in an abstract of their paper (max. 2 pages) before 30th October 2019 to [email protected]. Authors of selected papers will be asked to submit a final version of the paper by 15th December. The abstracts should contain a brief BIO of the author/s and should be written in English.

- Conference website -

- Agenda of the Conference 

- Registration 


Information on past PIAAC Conferences

1st PIAAC international Conference- Washington, D.C., United States, 13–15 November 2013

2nd PIAAC International Conference- Harleem, The Netherlands, 22-24 November 2015

3rd PIAAC International Conference- Madrid, 6-8 November 2016

4th PIAAC International Conference - Singapore, 21-23 November 2017

5th PIAAC International Conference- Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 27-29 November 2018


Recent Events

PIAAC Methodological Seminar: "The use of test scores in secondary analysis" OECD Annex in Boulogne-Billancourt, 14 June 2019

The increasing availability of microdata from large-scale assessments of students and adults have spurred a great deal of research in labour economics and economics of education. Test scores from these assessments are often seen as better and more precise proxies of cognitive skills or human capital than years of schooling. Researchers using these data are however often unaware of how assessments are designed, and of how test scores are estimated on the basis of the answers provided by respondents sitting an assessment. Large-scale assessments are primarily designed to describe the distribution of proficiency in the population of interest, and are not intended to provide unbiased measures of the individual proficiency of any single respondent. This has important implications for their use in secondary, individual-level analysis. The purpose of this Seminar is to raise awareness about the methodology used to estimate test scores in large-scale assessments and to stimulate a reflection on how methodological choices made at the production stage affect the use of data in secondary analysis. The Seminar intends to bring together users and producers of this type of data, in order to stimulate an inter-disciplinary dialogue and reflect on how the production and the dissemination of the data could be improved in order to better serve the multiplicity of demands that these data are called to satisfy. (AgendaConcept NoteList of speakers; Presentations; videos)


OECD Methodological conference on cross-country comparability of questionnaire scales, OECD Headquarters, France, 8-9 November 2018

This conference aimed at exploring novel approaches in measurement equivalence research and at highlighting promising areas to advance the field of invariance testing. It also aimed at delineating recommendations and guidelines for dealing with the issue of measurement equivalence, both in the preparation of public-use datasets and in the analytical work based on the data collected in these surveys. The target audience for this conference included researchers and analysts working with international datasets as well as the key suppliers in the industry of international large-scale surveys (Conference webpageAgenda).


OECD-GESIS Seminar on: 'Translating and Adapting Instruments in Large-Scale Assessments', OECD Headquarters, Paris, France, 7-8 June 2018  

The aim of the methodological seminars is to encourage discussion and cross-fertilisation of ideas between the range of actors and communities involved in the design, management and analysis of large-scale assessments. The topic of translation and adaptation of instruments has been chosen for 2018 as it is a key to achieving the goals of cross-linguistic and cross cultural comparability in international studies. (AgendaList of speakersPresentations).


OECD Seminar on: Managing the Quality of Data Collection in Large Scale Assessments, OECD Headquarters, Paris, France, 11-12 May 2017 

The purpose of this seminar was to convene a group of experts in the area of large scale surveys and assessments to discuss the management of the quality of data collection and the detection, mitigation and treatment of errors arising in the course of data collection (AgendaSpeakers; Presentations)


For information on forthcoming PIAAC events, please contact: [email protected]


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