The International Collaborative Initiative on Trade and Employment (ICITE) aims to seek a better understanding of how trade interacts with employment, promote discussion on these issues and develop policy-relevant conclusions.

International trade and investment are essential contributors to growth, development and economic well-being. OECD research indicates that further trade opening – via reduction of tariffs and non-tariff barriers – can stimulate job creation for both skilled and unskilled workers, bringing worldwide economic benefits.

A sustainable approach to such market opening requires policies that help workers and communities adjust to the more competitive environment that will result. Assessment of specific policy options is challenging due to the complex relationship between trade and employment. In some cases, gaps remain in the literature. Even where the relationship is clear, perspectives on appropriate policy responses may vary.

The International Collaborative Initiative on Trade and Employment (ICITE) aims to help expand the knowledge base on these issues, including consideration of policy implications. In addition to a new wave of empirical analysis, the initiative will create an inventory of data resources, promote dialogue among stakeholders, and provide information resources for policy-makers and the public.



Flagship publication


Policy Priorities for International Trade and Jobs

Highlights from the first two years of work, as selected by ICITE partners, featuring regional, country and thematic studies:

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You can also consult more ICITE studies and material from regional conferences:

Country studies

Thematic studies

Regional conferences



World Bank-OECD seminar on ICITE


World Bank-OECD seminar on ICITE, Washington D.C., September 2012

Watch the OECD and World Bank seminar on the findings of ICITE, held in Washington, D.C. on 13 September 2012. This seminar was part of the Jobs Knowledge Platform series of JKPLive events.



Carol Guthrie, Assistant United States Trade Representative for Media and Public Affairs



Ken Ash, Director of Trade and Agriculture, OECD [starts at 4 mins 50 sec of video]

Bill Spriggs, Chief Economist, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) [at 25:30]

Daniel Lederman, Lead Economist of International Trade Department (PRMTR), World Bank [at 40:00]

Nancy A. Donaldson, Director of ILO Washington office, International Labour Organization (ILO) [at 54:30]



The panel also took questions from the auditorium and online audience [at 1:08:00]




ICITE is a joint undertaking of 10 international organisations:










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