The 2011 OECD Technology Foresight Forum on developments in mobile communication explored major developments shaping the field at the time and for the coming 5-10 years. The forum was divided into four sessions with the following focuses:

• Mobile devices and networks
• Applications
• Machine-to-machine communication
• New ideas for a mobile future


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Agenda and presentations


9:15-9:30:  Welcome

Chair and Moderator: Jørgen Abild Andersen, Director General, Danish Ministry of Business and Growth

9:30-11:00:  Session 1. Mobile devices and networks

There are significant developments in new networks, new hardware manufacturing models, operating systems and integration of fixed and wireless networks and what people will do with them. These developments will shape the mobile landscape in the years to come. What new platforms will develop and who will lead in the market?


11:00-11:30:  Coffee break

11:30-13:00:  Session 2. Applications

The period in which a mobile device was only used for voice communication is long gone. In OECD countries an increasing percentage of wireless devices are “smart phones”, tablets and other devices capable of supporting a wide variety of Internet based applications. Some governments are using mobile applications to improve their services and interaction with their citizens. It is these applications that will create tremendous innovation in the future.


13:00-14:30: Lunch

14:30-16:00: Session 3. Machine to Machine communication, applications and ecosystems

Billions of devices will likely be connected wirelessly to networks in the future. Whether it is automobiles, smart grids, smart cities or consumer electronics, the devices will communicate. M2M will be a central enabler of tools for eHealth. Consumer electronics, like ebooks, will change from stand alone devices to integrated ecosystems of device, network access, content and content store. The use of M2M will lead to significant changes in business models and be a key development in meeting long term policy objectives in areas from environmental management to aging societies.


16:30-18:00: Session 4. New ideas for a mobile future

The mobile future is evolving at high speed. New ideas are shaping the future and finding their way into networks and applications. All across the world companies and individuals are developing new ways to interact with each other and their surroundings enabled through the use of new technologies.



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