The Schooling for Tomorrow project has developed materials that are designed to aid educational leaders, teachers, advisers, and various stakeholder groups to rigourously think about the future. Ultimately we hope that materials like these will help them meet the future.



To introduce the insights developed in Schooling for Tomorrow to a wider audience, we have developed a Starterpack. Individuals, groups and stakeholders just embarking on futures thinking in education can use it to become aware of what might be done and now to be quickly operational as they set out in this direction. The Starterpack is a flexible tool to be used actively and selectively depending on the purpose in hand. Individual sheets can stand alone or be used in combination with others. They are intended to support work in various settings, such as providing an action brief on the use of futures thinking or informing a workshop on scenario development or a group using Schooling for Tomorrow insights to enhance its own design process.


Trends for Education

The ‘Trends Shaping Education’ resource is designed to aid in thinking about long term trends that are affecting the future of education and setting challenges for schools. It is a stimulus for thinking about trends influencing education – while the trends are robust, the questions raised for education are illustrative and suggestive. It is also an invitation for users to look further and to add to this basic coverage examples of trends from their own countries or regions.

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