OECD societies have transformed fundamentally in recent decades and continue to do so: A process of individualisation is transforming communities; democratisation and new technology are opening up hierarchical relations; rationalisation in the workplace requires specialisation; and steadily rising levels of income and education make parents more demanding about their children's education.


This section of the knowledge base addresses Schooling for Tomorrow research on specific drivers of social change and their potential effects on educational systems. This is divided into three thematic areas:



Here you will find analysis examining the nature of innovation in schooling to identify emerging models of learning based on examples of national reform initiatives.



This part focuses on the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in quality of learning in schooling as well as lifelong learning, including the role of ICT in networks and partnerships, new forms of management and governance, and new ways to address inequalities in society.



Here you will find analysis on the shift from supply-led systems toward demand-sensitive schooling, and how personalisation of education takes form in response to attitudes and expectations.

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