Promoting entrepreneurial learning in primary and secondary education and in vocational education and training

Entrepreneurship can be learned and should be promoted at all levels of education. This is the foundation for Entrepreneurship360, a collaborative initiative of the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development which aims to nurture entrepreneurship as a key competence in schools and technical and vocational institutions.

Entrepreneurial education is aimed at developing in learners a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship which will help them with their own initiatives, companies and associations, but also at work and in their everyday life. This involves fostering creativity and innovation and giving pupils the chance to define, plan and manage their own projects.

Across Europe, numerous activities are underway to promote entrepreneurial education through experiential learning, observation and practice. Initiatives are advanced both at the institution level and by individual teachers or trainers.

The aim of Entrepreneurship360 is to offer a freely available self-assessment instrument that will support institutions and individual teachers in advancing their strategies and practices to promote entrepreneurship, as well as to develop a platform for exchange amongst peers . Entrepreneurship360 gives the opportunity to individuals and schools and VET providers to learn from each others' practices, and share their own.

Building Entrepreneurship360 involves the participation of a growing community of ambassadors and experts who ensure that the self-assessment instrument is faithful to the experience of practitioners and adaptable to local realities.

A pilot version of Entrepreurship360 has been tested on 21 schools from 15 European countries at the Capacity Building Seminar organised in early November in Potsdam. During this event that gathered experts alongside the schools selected through a call for proposal in April, usefull comments were retrieve on the relevance of the Entrepreneurship360 instrument as with inspiring practices to be shared in its learning plateform.

Interested in participating in the development of this exciting project which will help embed entrepreneurship into education? Come and join us

Milestones of Entrepreneurship360

January 2014
1st International Stakeholder Engagement Workshop, Brussels
April 2014
Call for case studies (106 applications from 26 countries; 20 EU members)
Sept.– Oct. 2014
Entrepreneurship360 webinars
3-6 Nov. 2014
Capacity Building Seminar in Potsdam/Germany

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