Get involved

There are different ways of getting involved in Entrepreneurship360.

Become an ambassador

Anyone can become an Entrepreneurship360 Ambassador, helping us build and develop the tool so that it is fit for purpose. Ambassadors get access to a collaboration space where they can exchange ideas, knowledge, and elaborate the conceptual framework that builds Entrepreneurship360. Multiplier organisations, such JA-YE Europe, ValNalon and others, and researchers with an interest in entrepreneurial learning, are part of the Entrepreneurship360 and contribute to the development of the self-assessment instrument and the good practice exchange platform. We also want the opinions of as wide a range of people involved in education or entrepreneurship as possible.

Sign up to become an Ambassador:

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Please fill out as much of the information in the email and send it with you usual mail agent.

Share your experience

As teacher or trainer, Entrepreneurship360 offers you access to information and know-how on how entrepreneurship can be taught, which learning environments best support this, and what you can do to improve. As a school school or college leader you can find out how to support an entrepreneurial school culture, what others consider as key success factors in strategic partnership building with businesses and third sector organisations, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

You can also share with others what you are currently doing as well as your ideas about new approaches in teaching entrepreneurship. The information you provide through the online form will be reviewed and made available online on our initiatives page

Share your experience:

online form

initiatives page

Stay in touch

The first way to get involved is to stay connected and get the latest information on events, surveys, and the progress of the tool. With the development of Entrepreneurship360, webinars will be organised as a consultation process where the key elements of the conceptual framework will be presented and discussed with participants.

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