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Investing in Human and Social Capital
New Challenges


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When Education Ministers from OECD member countries and key emerging economies meet at the OECD on 4-5 November 2010, they will be focusing on how to foster human and social capital for the benefit of their post-crisis economies and societies.



 Themes of the meeting


Tackling the effects of the crisis on education 
How can countries improve training, learning outcomes, and human capital, given budget pressures?


Matching skills to new needs
How can vocational education and training (VET) provide the new competences required for the knowledge economy?


Equipping effective teachers for the 21st century   
How can teacher training be improved?  What professional development do teachers need? 


Reinforcing the social benefits of education   
How can education improve social mobility? What impact has the crisis had on young people’s aspirations and motivation to learn?



 Chairs of the meeting


Vice Chair
The Honourable Anne Tolley
Minister of Education
New Zealand

Ms. Claudia Schmied
Federal Minister for Education,
the Arts and Culture

Vice Chair
Mr. Alonso Lujambio
Secretary of Public Education

Journalists are invited to attend a high-level public Forum with social partners, students, teachers and policy makers to be held at the OECD Conference Centre from 9am-12pm on 4 November 2010, just before the Ministerial meeting begins.




Ms. Claudia Schmied, the Austrian Federal Minister for Education, the Arts and Culture, shares her priorities for the future


For more videos, see the multimedia page

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