The purpose of this on-line Portal is to:

  • Provide one-stop information on current and upcoming activities of the EDRC;

  • Facilitate information sharing and dialogue among EDRC members, observer country delegates and the Secretariat.


Next EDRC Meetings on:

  • 16 September: Indonesia
  • 11 October: Australia 

About EDRC

Since it's creation of September 1961, purpose of the EDRC is to examine on a regular basis and to make comments and country-specific recommendations on the macroeconomic and structural policies of the Member countries and selected non-Member economies and on the interaction of these policies in raising economic performance.


Information by Country



In this part, you will find contact details of staff in OECD Country Desk, the list of Economic Surveys and the list of Economics Department Working Papers classified by country.   

See also the Economic Surveys and Country Surveillance homepage..

If you have any suggestions for this Portal or any problem with using this, please contact: [email protected].

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