In 2011, the world was witness to mass citizen mobilisation. From Tahrir square to the Puerta del Sol, from the streets of Tunis to the avenues of New Delhi, calls for more social and economic justice, political participation and openness have resounded. These aspirations for greater social cohesion, with fair chances for everybody in society, are rooted in profound global economic transformations that have taken place over the last two decades. The new geography of growth brings new financial resources to fast growing countries while at the same time uncovering new challenges which require action and long-term commitment from governments, underlining an opportunity that is too good to be missed.


How can governments best respond to these new expectations? What policy reforms can contribute to strengthening social cohesion? How can we learn from past experiences and existing practices? These are some of the questions that were raised on the occasion of the launch of the Perspectives on Global Development 2012.


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