Assisting participating countries in identifying reform needs and assessing progress are central objectives of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia Pacific. The Initiative's members have adopted four means to accomplish this goal.

  The Initiative's members regularly take stock of their anti-corruption legal, institutional and policy frameworks. The information is complied in a anti-corruption policies so as to provide a horizontal, cross-sectional view of each aspect of the Action Plan in the region.

  At each Steering Group meeting, the Initiative's members devote significant time to reporting their recent efforts to implement the Asia-Pacific. The members' detailed written reports are included as an Annex to the minutes of each meeting.

  The Initiative's members conduct thematic reviews on specific priority issues. The reviews allow for more in-depth analysis of specific issues in each member of the Initiative, assessing the existing policies and measures and identifying means for further improvement.

  Finally, the Initiative has launched a process for voluntary country reviews ("country scoping exercises"), focusing on specific countries in select areas of anti-corruption activity.

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