Policy dialogue and the exchange of experience in anti-corruption reform are at the core of the Anti-corruption Action Plan for Asia and the Pacific. They are a key means to foster strong and sustainable safeguards against corruption in participating countries. Policy dialogue takes place during Steering Group meetings and Regional Conferences.

The Steering Group meetings bring together member countries (collectively as the Steering Group) and the Advisory Group, which consists of international organisations and donors that support the fight against corruption in Asia and the Pacific. During the Steering Group meetings, delegates discuss their countries’ efforts to implement the Action Plan, assess developments and progress, and exchange experience about challenges, success, and failures in the design and implementation of reforms. The Steering Group also decides the ADB/OECD Initiative's future activities and priorities.

Regional Conferences gather policymakers, civil society and business sector representatives to assess progress, exchange ideas and experience, and determine future challenges and priorities.


10th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2019

9th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2017

8th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2014

7th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2011

6th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2008

5th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2005

4th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2003

3rd Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2001

2nd Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 2000

1st Regional Anti-Corruption Conference 1999



23rd Steering Group Meeting December 2019

22nd Steering Group Meeting November 2017 

21st Steering Group Meeting November 2016

20th Steering Group Meeting November 2015

19th Steering Group Meeting September 2014

18th Steering Group Meeting September 2013

17th Steering Group Meeting October 2012

16th Steering Group meeting September 2011

15th Steering Group meeting September 2010

14th Steering Group meeting September 2009

13th Steering Group meeting March 2009

12th Steering Group meeting November 2008

11th Steering Group meeting May 2008

10th Steering Group meeting September 2007

9th Steering Group meeting November 2006

8th Steering Group meeting May 2006

7th Steering Group meeting September 2005

6th Steering Group meeting April 2005

5th Steering Group meeting July 2004

4th Steering Group meeting December 2003

3rd Steering Group meeting March 2003

2nd Steering Group meeting May 2002

1st Steering Group meeting November 2001


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