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  • Regional Conference on Preventing and Combating Corruption in Infrastructure

    The 10th Regional Conference of the Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific will take place in Hanoi, Viet Nam, 3-6 December 2019. The conference will address corruption in infrastructure projects, bringing together leaders and practitioners from the region in the Law Enforcement Network, the Public Integrity Network and the Business Integrity Meeting. More information to follow.

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  • Thailand and the OECD advance co-operation

    International co-operation can help find solutions to strengthen public integrity systems, as the example of Thailand's partnership with the OECD shows. Read about the launch of the Integrity Review of Thailand Phase 2 and Capacity-Building Workshop on Public Ethics, which took place in Bangkok, 25-27 June 2019.

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Supporting the fight against Corruption in Asia and the Pacific:
The ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative

Governments around the globe seek to curb corruption to counter its negative effects on political stability, welfare, economic development, and international trade and investment. Governments in Asia-Pacific have resolved to cooperate in the fight against corruption as early as 1999, when they launched the Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific under the joint leadership of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The Initiative's 31 member economies in the Asia-Pacific region have committed to action against corruption: they have jointly developed the Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia and the Pacific and work together towards its implementation. The Action Plan sets out the goals and standards for sustainable safeguards against corruption in the economic, political and social spheres of the countries in the region. The Initiative supports the member governments' efforts through three mechanisms:

? Fostering policy dialogue through Steering Group Meetings and Conferences

? Policy analysis, including thematic reviews and stocktaking

? Regional Seminars

In 2011, the Initiative set out its long-term strategic goals and priorities. This long-term strategy is implemented through successive three-year Strategy and Work Programmes. A number of partners - regional and international organisations, as well as donors - support the efforts of the member countries.

The Initiative is jointly managed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

More information is available on the Initiative's Information Sheet

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