Safety of manufactured nanomaterials


  • Report: Science based support for regulation of manufactured nanomaterials

    This report summarises the discussions at the "Science Based Support for Regulation of Manufactured Nanomaterials" conference. The objective of the conference was to discuss the regulatory relevance of new research and initiatives results in the field of nanosafety and to identify the outstanding and future regulatory challenges.

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  • Testing Programme of Manufactured Nanomaterials

    The OECD reveals the release of information on the accuracy of tests used to determine the safety of nanomaterials. The safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials is an important concern impacting regulatory bodies throughout the world. Due to their size, Manufactured Nanomaterials may require additional testing beyond the standard suite of tests used for other chemicals, to ensure that the impact on human health and the environment is fully understood.

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  • Nanotechnology and Tyres

    The use of new nanomaterials in tyre production could help foster the sustainability of the tyre industry and reduce the environmental impact of vehicles, if the potential environmental, health and safety risks of the technology are managed carefully.

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As nanomaterials started to be used in commercial applications, OECD identified the need to analyse the potential safety concerns caused by manufactured nanomaterials. EHS launched a programme of work in 2006 to ensure that the approaches for hazard, exposure and risk assessment for manufactured nanomaterials are of a high quality, science-based and internationally harmonised.

Video - The Rise of Nanotechnology

Manufactured nanomaterials are already revolutionising the way we produce (electronic goods, tyres, clothes and medicines) which raises questions regarding potential unintended hazards to humans and the environment and whether nanomaterials need special measures to deal with potential risks.

There is a need for a responsible and co-ordinated approach to ensure that potential safety issues are being addressed at the same time as the technology is developing.

Therefore, the EHS promotes international co-operation in human health and environmental safety aspects of manufactured nanomaterials. Its objective is to assist countries in their efforts to assess the safety implications of nanomaterials.


Nanotechnology and Tyres: Elements for a Risk Assessment Framework

The best practices outlined in the Risk Assessment Framework (RAF) aim to provide a method for evaluating the potential human health and environmental concerns associated with the entire life cycle of nanomaterials used in tyres, focusing on the tyre manufacturing process.

Nanotechnology and Tyres: Greening Industry and Transport

New nanomaterials offer promising avenues for future innovation, which can contribute towards the sustainability and resource efficiency of the tyre industry. Yet uncertainty over environmental health and safety (EHS) risks appears to be a main and continuous concern for the development of new nanomaterials.


Six Years of OECD Work on the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials

This brochure outlines the achievements made so far by OECD in addressing the human health and environmental safety implications of manufactured nanomaterials.

Nanosafety at the OECD : the first five years 2006-2010


This booklet describes the work that OECD is doing to address the human health and environmental safety implications associated with the use of manufactured nanomaterials. It presents the OECD Nanosafety programmes during the first five years from 2006-2010.

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