Agenda at glance

Day 1 | 19 March 2019


08:00 - Registration desk open

12:45 - Opening session: The geography of global megatrends

13:30 - Press conference

13:30 - Lunch ??

15:00 - Plenary 1: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

16:45 -  Family photo ??

19:00 - Visit at the Acropolis Museum

20:00 - Dinner at the Acropolis Museum restaurant ??

Day 2 | 20 March 2018

09:00 - Plenary 2: Tired or wired? Regional Policies in a digital and global economy

11:00 - Plenary 3: Including everyone, everywhere: Managing demographic and social change

12:30 - Lunch ??

14:00 - Parallel sessions

  • Breakout A: Smart spending: Investment in quality infrastructure
  • Breakout B: Rethinking policies for sustainable development from the ground up

15:30 - Closing session: The path forward

Side events

14:00-18:30 | 18 March 2019

OECD Champion Mayors Initiative

The 4th Meeting of the OECD Champions Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative hosted by Champion Mayor Georgios Kaminis in Athens on 18 March 2019 will focus on how cities can leverage all types of innovation – social, technological, and public sector - to advance inclusive growth and achieve higher citizen well-being levels. The Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative is a coalition of willing leaders who have committed to tackling inequalities and promoting more inclusive economic growth in cities.

9:00-12:00 | 19 March 2019

OECD Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers

The 7th OECD Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers, organised in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Development of Greece and the City of Athens, will see ministers and mayors exchange ideas, experiences and good practices from around the world on how national and local governments can design together a new generation of urban policies to better prepare for and address megatrends.

Established in 2007, the OECD Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers is a unique global platform convening high-level representatives from both national and local governments to discuss pressing urban policy issues.

Download the draft agenda


17:00-17:45 | 19 March 2019

Regional Development: The case of Greece


This session will provide a policy highlight on the OECD’s ongoing Territorial Review of Greece, which has a special focus on regional policy for Greece post-2020.

Download the Preliminary findings (PDF)

 Follow us on Twitter @OECD_Local #RDPCMinisterialContact: [email protected]

OECD work on regional development

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