Greening cities, regions and communities


  • Cities and Climate

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria and UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Changes Michael R. Bloomberg push for cities to take lead on climate change, 17 September 2014.

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  • Green growth in the Benelux

    This paper discusses the results of a study of measuring green growth in the Benelux countries. The study paid particular attention to the challenges of measuring the transition to a low-carbon economy in cross-border areas as they have additional levels of complexity.

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  • Publication: Green Growth in Cities

    Green Growth in Cities presents the OECD Green Cities Programme’s main findings and policy recommendations, and provides a preliminary approach to measuring green growth in cities. It offers a definition of urban green growth and a framework for analysing how it might play out in different types of cities.

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Regional and rural



Green growth issues are also dealt with in the OECD , Rural Policy Reviews and Territorial Reviews series, including recent studies on Québec, Canada, Guangdong, China, Chicago, USA, and the NORA Region.

Linking Renewable Energy to Rural Development | OECD Free preview | Powered by Keepeek Digital Asset Management Solution


OECD Metropolitan Reviews and OECD National Urban Policy Reviews: chapters on urban responses to environmental, climate change and green growth challenges (e.g. Reviews of Guangdong, Venice, Toronto, Korea, Poland).


Green Growth in Cities | OECD Free preview | Powered by Keepeek Digital Asset Management Solution


Local development


Related Programs

OECD work on adaptation to climate change

Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme

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