How Does PISA Work?

How Does PISA Shape Education Reform?


See concrete examples of how countries such as Germany and Brazil have been able to improve their student performance in PISA and make their education systems more inclusive.

PISA Country Participation

See the list of countries and economies that have participated in PISA to date.


Map of PISA Countries and Economies


OECD countries
Partner countries and economies in PISA 2015
Partner countries and economies in previous cycles                                     

PISA Initiatives

PISA for Development

The PISA for Development initiative aims to encourage and facilitate PISA participation of interested and motivated low- and middle-income countries. Find out more about which countries are participating and it how it contributes to the Education Sustainable Development Goal for quality and equity of learning outcomes for children, young people and adults.

PISA-based Test for Schools

The PISA-based Test for Schools provides school-level estimates of performance and information about the learning environment and students’ attitudes gathered from student questionnaires. Find out more and how schools and their networks can take part.


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