Sustainable Ocean Economy database

The OECD is building a comprehensive database on the Sustainable Ocean Economy. Reliable and timely data on the natural asset base and the sustainability of the ocean economy, the well-being and resilience of coastal communities, and the health of marine ecosystems are scarce. There is equally a need to monitor policies and finance to speed up the transition. This work will help meet the demands of the international community for a better evidence base to support decision making, including SDG 14. The database is currently under development.

Work in progress

  • Ocean-related policy instruments (taxes, subsidies, tradable permit schemes)
  • Ocean-related finance
  • Ocean-related innovation
  • A suite of indicators on coastal areas

Planned work

  • Ocean pollution abatement costs
  • Ocean ecosystem health
  • Air emissions from maritime shipping – data and SEEA accounts

Available data show that:

Ocean Site_MPA_OECD


Ocean site_Biodiversity outcomes mixed

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