Indicators of integration of immigrants and their children

More on international migration


This publication presents the first international comparison across OECD countries of the outcomes for immigrants and their children in the main area of economic and social integration (read more).

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ISBN: ISBN 978-92-64-17152-7

Date of publication: 3 December 2012

173 pages

Chapter 1. Contextual indicators
Chapter 2. Household income
Chapter 3. Housing
Chapter 4. Health status and access to health care
Chapter 5. Education of native-born offspring of immigrants
Chapter 6. Labour market outcomes
Chapter 7. Job characteristics
Chapter 8. Civic engagement
Chapter 9. Discrimination



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  Key aspects of economic and social integration examined:

  • Income distribution
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Native-born offspring of immigrants' education
  • Labour market outcomes
  • Civic engagement





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