MCM 2019 Documents

› Strategic Orientations of the Secretary-General 
   Declaration on Public Sector Innovation
 Reference C/MIN(2019)6/FINAL

› Key Issues Paper
   Reference C/MIN(2019)2
  › Progress Report on National Contact Points for Responsible Business Conduct
  Reference C/MIN(2019)7

› Recommendation of the Council on Artificial Intelligence
   Reference : C/MIN(2019)3/FINAL

› OECD Skills Strategy 2019: Skills to Shape a Better Future
   Reference C/MIN(2019)8 

› Revision of the Codes of Liberalisation 
   Reference C/MIN(2019)4/FINAL & C/MIN(2019)4/ADD1
  › Making OECD Standards and Policies Count on a Global  Scale 
   Reference C/MIN(2019)11

› Recommendation of the Council on Guidelines on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in State-owned Enterprises
  Reference : C/MIN(2019)5/FINAL

  › Progress Report on Standard Setting Review
Reference : C/MIN(2019)13

 See also the Compedium of OECD Legal Instruments



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