Harnessing digital transition for sustainable development: opportunities and challenges

We are in the midst of a digital transition that is having profound and transformative effects on our economies and societies. It holds great potential for enhancing individual well-being, promoting societal progress and helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, this unprecedented transformation is also creating considerable challenges for policy makers: can we guarantee a smooth transition? Can we ensure that no-one is left behind? Will the new digital economy translate into better lives? How can we address the downsides and the challenges related to cybersecurity, to privacy and to the misuse of these technologies?

Our 2019 Ministerial Council Meeting, chaired by the Slovak Republic, will gather Leaders and Ministers on 22-23 May in Paris, during OECD Week. We will discuss domestic and international public policies that can fully harness the great potential of digitalisation and address its disruptive effects, in areas such as competition, taxation, data governance, skills, inclusive growth, environment and trade. We will also discuss the role that the OECD can play in supporting member and partner countries as they navigate the digital transition for the benefit of all citizens.

  Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General

Future Trends of Digital Transformation

Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level

The Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) is OECD’s most important annual event, attended by the Ministers of Finance, Economics, Foreign Affairs, Trade and other ministries from the Organisation’s 36 Member countries, as well as Key Partner and Accession countries and High Level representatives from various International Organisations. Additional countries may be invited to participate in specific sessions of the agenda, upon the decision of OECD Members. At the MCM, Ministers give the Organisation its main mandates for the upcoming year. 

This year's meeting will be chaired by the Slovak Republic, with Canada and Korea as co-chairs. Attendance to all sessions is by invitation only. 

The Ministerial Council Meeting 2019 through photos

2019 Ministerial Council Meeting of the OECD family photo

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