Reshaping the foundations of multilateralism for more responsible, effective and inclusive outcomes

“Multilateralism is at a crossroads. Its ability to deliver effective responses to today’s global challenges is increasingly testeddespite the fact that it remains the best way we have to answer to them. How can we best reshape multilateralism to address growing interconnectedness across countries, firms and people as well as rapid technological change? How can we respond to those who feel left behind by globalisation? 

Our 2018 Ministerial Council Meeting, chaired by France, will be looking at these and other questions. Leaders and Ministers will gather in Paris on 30-31 May to discuss ways in which we can harness the potential of international co-operation to promote human progress and protect our planet, and how the OECD can be most effective in its efforts to advance better policies for better lives.”

Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General 

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Multilateralism on the move to meet today’s interconnected challenges

The Ministerial Council Meeting 2018 through photos



2018 Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level

Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level

The Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) is OECD’s most important annual event, attended by the Ministers of Finance, Economics, Foreign Affairs, Trade and other ministries from the Organisation’s 35 Member countries, as well as Key Partner and Accession countries and High Level representatives from various International Organisations. Additional countries may be invited to participate in specific sessions of the agenda, upon the decision of OECD Members. At the MCM, Ministers give the Organisation its main mandates for the upcoming years. This year's meeting was chaired by France, with Latvia and New Zealand as co-chairs. Attendance to all sessions is by invitation only. 

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