Agenda at a glance

Day 1 | 10 December 2019

09:30 - Opening

10:00 - Ensuring employers and workers meet in the middle

11:30 - Interactive workshops: Addressing skills shortages in a digital labour market

13:00 - Lunch 

14:00 - Study visits

19:00 - Dinner

Day 2 | 11 December 2019

09:00 - Interactive workshops: The power of place

10:15 - Coffee break

10:30 - Interactive workshops: Raising local labour supply 

11:45 - Coffee break

12:00 - Building opportunity for all

13:30 - Lunch

Interactive Workshops

Addressing skills shortages in a digital labour market

Matching people to jobs using AI and other digital tools

Sally Sinclair, CEO, National Employment Services Association, Australia

Mariano Mamertino, Senior Economist, LinkedIn Economic Graph

Florian Dautil, Impact and Partnerships Manager, Bayes Impact

Wim Adriaens, CEO, VDAB, Belgium

Charlie Terrell, Director, National Labor Exchange, National Association of State Workforce Agencies, United States

Enabling career transitions

Menno Bart, Adecco Group

Murielle Antille, Senior Vice President and Head of Government and Industry Affairs at Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

Pole Emploi representative, France (tbc)

Union and employer representative (tbc)

Designing local strategies for underrepresented groups

Louis Vervloet, ESF Flanders

Paul Swinney, Director Centre for Cities, United Kingdom

Eline Van Onacker, Policy Advisor, departement of Work and Social Economy, Flanders

Joël Lépine, Director, Employment and Social Development Canada

The power of place

Unlocking the skills and talent potential of SMEs

Carroll A. Thomas, Director, Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United States

Georgi Dimitrov, Deputy Head, DG EAC, EC (tbc)

Andreas Zehetner, Professor, University of Applied Science, Upper Austria

Stefano Pacchioli, Dorna Italy Holding CEO

Ben Butters, Deputy CEO, Eurochambres

Danny Van Assche, CEO Unizo, Belgium

Cultivating successful entrepreneurs for local innovation

David Halabisky, Economist, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities, OECD

Jose Maria Cunha da Costa, Mayor, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Sandra Sodini, Director for international relations and european programmes, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region, Italy

Eli David, Co-founder, Startup Blink

Creating local ecosystems for social innovation

Bernadette Clavier, Director of the Center for Social Innovation, Stanford Graduate School of Business, United States (tbc)

Benedicte Faivre Tavignot, Director of the MSc in Sustainable Development of HEC and Executive Director of the ‘Social Business, Enterprise and Poverty’ chair, France (tbc)

Reiner Aster, Directing Manager, GsuB, social business consulting mbH, Germany

John Buck, CEO, CEDEC, Canada

Actiris Brussels representative (tbc)

Raising labour supply through targeted programmes to disadvantaged groups

Integrating migrants in local labour markets: What works?

François Lemaire, Deputy Co-ordinator, Intermire, Belgium

Michiel Bonte, VDAB, Belgium

A practitioner is being nominated by Eurocities

Therese Ydrén, Unit for R&D and Education, Region Västra Götaland, Sweden

Jochen Wacker, Head of Department for Integration and Migration, Stuttgart Job Centre, Germany

Promoting lifelong learning in cities and regions

Glenda Quintini, Senior Economist, OECD

Eurocities to nominate representative (tbc)

A representative from Brittany, France – to be nominated by European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning (EARLALL)

Miquel Carrion, Department of Employment, Government of Catalonia

Flemish initiative (tbc)

Toward a people-centric future of work

Jeffrey Brown, Manager of AI and Automation, Bertelsmann Foundation, United States

Ron Painter, CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards, United States

Andrea Glorioso, Policy Officer on the Future of Work, European Commission

Eline Chivot, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Data Innovation

Shayne Maclachlan, Campaign Manager, OECD

Hervé Docq,Manager, Technobel, Belgium

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