15th OECD Local Development Forum

10-11 December 2019 Antwerp, Belgium

The 2019 OECD Local Development Forum will bring together hundreds of local development practitioners, entrepreneurs and social innovators to share good practices about how employment and skills programmes are meeting employer demand and what’s being done to help people and places catch-up.

What's the issue?

Unemployment across the OECD sits at 5.3%, but more employers than ever struggle to fill open jobs. New technologies and changes related to the future of work will continue to alter hiring needs, while at the same time, some people and places are struggling to keep pace with change. This year's Forum will be held under the theme "Right Skills, Right Jobs, Right Places".

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In focus

The 2019 Missing Entrepreneurs report will be launched at the Forum by OECD DSG Knudsen. 

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Contact: [email protected] | Follow us on Twitter: @OECD_local #OECDlocal 

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