The OECD's Regional Programme for LAC

 Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a region of growing importance to the world economy. The region combines a GDP of almost USD 6 trillion and a market of 644 million people. Economic integration and a well-functioning institutional system are key objectives for both OECD and LAC countries and they are the basis for the mutually beneficial OECD-LAC relationship that addresses development challenges and works towards sustainable policy reforms.

At the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in 2016, OECD members strengthened co-operation with the region through the creation of an OECD LAC Regional Programme (LACRP). The Programme aims to support the LAC region in advancing its ambitious reform agenda, which is key to unleashing sustainable economic growth and social development across the region. The LACRP provides policy makers with a space for evidence-based policy dialogue to bring countries in the region closer to OECD standards and best practices.

The LACRP focuses on three key areas of the region's reform agenda: productivity, social inclusion and governance. Following its first 2016-2018 mandate, led by Chile and Peru, the Programme’s co-chairmanship for 2019-2022 was assumed by Mexico, as an OECD member country, and Brazil, as a LAC partner country.

9th Steering Group Meeting of the OECD LAC Regional Programme 24 Oct. 2019 Bogota, Colombia

What are our thematic priorities?


By encouraging productivity growth, LAC countries will be able to better support SMEs and increase participation in regional and global value chains.

Social Inclusion

By improving access to labour markets, skills, and better public transport and technology, LAC countries can ensure that economic growth benefits all. 


By fostering good public governance and a strong culture of integrity, LAC countries can re-establish trust in public institutions.


LACRP Activity Report

Key publications

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