Supporting LAC countries in their reform efforts

The OECD has never been closer to the LAC region than it is today: Chile and Mexico are OECD member countries; Colombia has been invited to be a member of the Organisation; and Costa Rica is in the process of accession. Furthermore, Argentina, Brazil and Peru are currently being considered by the OECD Council as prospective members. All of these countries, as well as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay, are members of the OECD Development Centre and LAC Regional Programme Steering Group.

The OECD LAC Regional Programme aims to be an inclusive framework for all Latin American countries to engage with the OECD.

A broad range of LAC countries engage with the OECD through:


Who do we engage with?

Member Countries: Chile | Mexico | Colombia  

Accession: Costa Rica

Key Partner: Brazil

Country Programme: Peru

Members of the Development Centre: Argentina| Brazil | Chile | Colombia |Costa Rica | the Dominican Republic | Mexico |Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Uruguay

How do we work together?

How does the accession process work?

The accession process has been transformational for LAC countries.

How does the OECD and its Key Partners work together?

Brazil is currently an active and valued Key Partner of the OECD. Along with China, India, Indonesia and South Africa, Brazil contributes to the work of OECD Committees and participates significant bodies and projects.


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How does the OECD support reform priorities in LAC?

Peru was amongst the first countries to engage with the OECD through an OECD Country Programme, and Argentina has recently taken further steps to strengthen its relationship with the OECD through a tailored Action Plan.

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