For over 20 years, the OECD has been working closely with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to facilitate policy dialogue and the dissemination of good practices in areas such as investment, education, inclusiveness, competition, good governance, anti-corruption and fiscal policy. 


Meeting of the 9th LAC Fiscal Policy Forum
5-6 November | Lima | Peru

Workshop on Challenges for agro-ecology Development for the building of sustainable agri-food Systems
11-13 November| Santiago| Chile

3rd Meeting of the OECD Network on Open and Innovative Government in LAC
26-28 November | Cali | Colombia


How does the OECD work with region?

LAC Regional Programme

Supporting the region to advance in its reform agenda along three key prioritites:

Hightlights of our activities

Sub-regional Initiatives

Recognising the diversity of the region, the OECD tailors its work via specific sub-regional initiatives, including:



Country Approaches

Bringing LAC countries closer to the OECD though key partnerships, country programmes and accession processes.

OECD LAC Regional Policy Networks

Data & Analysis

What is the growth rate of 5 key LAC players?

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Our analysis and policy recommendations are firmly anchored in our evidence base and direct collaboration with national and regional institutions. 





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