OECD-ITU Innovation Dialogue

23 June 2016, Innovation policies rely on a range of factors to succeed. In the Global Innovation Index, inefficiencies were widely noted in innovation policy. Significant contributions to efficiency came from the actors in the innovation ecosystem itself. Previous OECD work noted “the lack of capabilities for successful policy making, the lack of information on the economy, and the power of the rent seekers in influencing policy”. As an alternative, policy experimentation approaches to spark vibrant, efficient, and sustainable ICT innovation systems were recommended.

This session was a “structured town hall”, with 4 topics, each with a brief presentation by experts, discussion incorporating experiences from experts and participants, and an interactive element. Some keywords to be discussed are shown at end for each key issue.


With innovation as a core development goal, and ICT as key enabler, this session explored the following points:

  • policy experimentation frameworks to build evidence base ICT centric innovation policy with a shared understanding of the role of key stakeholders
  • mechanisms to nurture new collaborative networks and access to markets
  • mechanism for “good practices” exchanges and partnership in global innovation ecosystems supporting sustainable and global competitiveness in an open economy

This session exchanged knowledge on frameworks and experiences strengthening ICT centric innovation ecosystems.  

Confirmed speakers (Bio information):

  •  Ms. Renata Avila, Member of the Board of Director at Creative Commons (Moderator)
  •  Dr. Robert D. Atkinson, President of The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
  •  Ms. Julie Zoller, Senior Deputy Coordinator, International Communications and Information Policy, U.S. Department of State
  •  Prof. Eugene Kandel, Start-up Nation Central
  •  Mr. Morgan Reed, Executive Director, The App Association, ACT
  •  Dr. Lee Yee Cheong, Malaysian Chairman, Governing Council of International Science Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South
  •  Mr. Juan Carlos Archila Cabal, Director of International Affairs, America Movil 
  •  Mr. Charles Fadel, Chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign
  •  Mr Efosa Ojomo, Researcher, Harvard Business School
  •  Mr. Enrique Medina, Chief Policy Officer, Telefónica S.A


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