Meeting the policy challenges of tomorrow’s digital economy

The digital economy permeates the world economy. Information is flowing within and across borders with unprecedented pace and volume with significant impact on innovation, trade, global value chains and society as a whole. Few aspects of our lives remain untouched by digitalisation.

Meeting these challenges requires collaboration amongst all stakeholders – citizens, firms and governments - to develop new, economy wide approaches to digital economy policy development. On 21-23 June 2016, Ministers and stakeholders gathered in Cancún, Mexico, for the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy: Innovation, Growth and Social Prosperity, to move the digital agenda forward in four key policy areas foundational to the growth of the digital economy. Internet openness is high on policy agendas; digital trust needs to be strengthened; global connectivity is reaching an unprecedented scale, while jobs and skills are being radically transformed. #OECDdigitalMX • @OECDInnovation

The 2016 Ministerial meeting built on two previous OECD Ministerial meetings on the digital economy:

Cancún marked another pivotal point in the evolution of the digital economy. The OECD's work is continuing in 2017 and 2018 with the Going Digital project, which aims to give policymakers the tools they need to help their economies and societies prosper in this increasingly digital and data-driven world. 

Click for more in our special digital economy edition of the OECD Observer.

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