Broadband and telecom


  • OECD Digital Economy Outlook

    The digital economy now permeates countless aspects of the world economy, impacting sectors as varied as banking, retail, energy, transportation, education, publishing, media or health. Information and Communication Technologies are transforming the ways social interactions and personal relationships are conducted, with fixed, mobile and broadcast networks converging, and devices and objects increasingly connected to form the Internet of things.

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  • Resources on Internet Governance

    This page presents events organised by the OECD at the annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and links to OECD reports related to Internet governance such as security, privacy, universal access, consumer protection, or broader information economy issues.

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  • Broadband Policies for Latin America and the Caribbean

    This toolkit sheds light on good practices and case studies, based on a whole-of-government approach. Its aim is to offer public authorities an overview of the policies, regulatory practices and options that can maximise the potential of broadband as a driver of economic and social development.

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