Public sector innovation is both an imperative and an opportunity for governments today. It is about using new approaches, from policy design to service delivery to improve the performance and responsiveness of the public sector.


Promoting‌ Promoting


The Conference brought together public sector practitioners, researchers, civil society and businesses to discuss how innovation can help solve today's complex challenges.

The OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation online platform was launched at the event. This website promotes innovation through practical guidance to support innovation across the public sector.

The Observatory is inspiring innovators in other countries by collecting and sharing innovative experiences online. 






Innovation in the Public Sector or Public Innovation?
By Jocelyne Bourgon, President, Public Governance International (PGI), President Emerita of the Canada School of Public Service and a distinguished visiting fellow of the Civil Service College (Singapore)

An Innovative Public Sector?
By Hannah Kitchen, Policy Analyst in the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), OECD

Why Innovation Labs?
By Alex Roberts, Innovation Policy and Coordination Team, Australian Government Department of Industry

By Edwin Lau, Reform of the Public Sector, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 

By Roger Scott-Douglas, Assistant Secretary Priorities and Planning, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

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