Industry and globalisation


  • Productivity and business dynamism

    Why is productivity growth slowing in advanced economies? To address this core economic and social question, the OECD has launched its DynEmp and MultiProd projects, using cutting-edge techniques and firm-level data to provide cross-country comparable evidence for policy making in these areas.

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  • Steel

    The OECD Steel Committee provides a unique forum for governments to come together to address the evolving challenges facing the steel industry. By fostering a global environment in which steel producers compete under fair conditions, it contributes to a more viable and sustainable steel industry so that steel continues to contribute to improved economic prosperity around the world.

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  • Shipbuilding

    The Working Party on Shipbuilding provides an international platform for the exchange of information as well as the elaboration of economic and policy analysis on several aspects of the shipbuilding sector. It aims to establish normal competitive conditions in the shipbuilding industry, notably by encouraging transparency and consulting with both non-OECD economies and relevant industry groups.

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Industry, Entrepreneurship and Productivity

In a world where production is fragmented into truly global value chains, how can economies ensure competitiveness and move up the value chain? What does firm-level data tell us about the roles of creative destruction, start-ups and young firms on employment and productivity? How should countries harness the next production revolution ushered in by advances in ICTs, 3D printing, and biotech, and nanotech and other emerging technologies?

The OECD work on industry, entrepreneurship and productivity aims to help governments find answers to these questions, and identify the right policies and structural reforms to foster new areas of potential growth, and encourage job creation and innovation. The OECD also supports in-depth sectoral analysis on steel and shipbuilding.

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