Empowering E-Consumers:
Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy

Washington, DC, 8-10 December 2009




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The public followed the discussion via the webcast and on OECD ICT Twitter

(hashtag #ecom)


The conference's presentations can be viewed here.


E-commerce has evolved dramatically since 1999, when the OECD issued its first Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce. Government, business, civil society, international organisations and academics explored how effective the guidelines are and what new opportunities, obstacles and risks consumers face in today’s online world.

The discussion was based on a report that identifies key trends and issues that require further attention from business and governments to strengthen consumer trust in the Internet economy. The summary can be found here.

As part of the current review of the 1999 Guidelines, an OECD workshop on consumer protection in online and mobile payments was organised. 

Key conference topics

  • E-commerce trends and the outlook
  • Role and effectiveness of international guidelines
  • E-commerce regulatory frameworks
  • Business-to-consumer developments in advertising, cross-border trade and payment protection
  • Mobile commerce
  • Consumer-to-consumer online transactions
  • Online digital products issues
  • Participative web issues
  • Children’s online protection
  • Dispute settlement, enforcement, and related issues


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