Joint workshop organised by
the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
and the Information for Development Program (infoDev) / World Bank

10-11 September 2009 - Paris, France
At the OECD Conference Centre
2 rue André Pascal - 75775 Paris Cedex 16


The workshop was webcast live from this site


What was this workshop about?

Information communication technologies (ICTs)s are crucial to reducing poverty, improving access to health and education services and  creating new sources of income and employment for the poor. Being able to access and use ICTs has become a major factor in driving competitiveness, economic growth and social development. In the last decade, ICTs, particularly mobile phones, have also opened up new channels for the free flow of ideas and opinions, thereby promoting democracy and human rights.


But there are substantial discrepancies in access to ICTs between countries, particularly at the North-South level, but also within countries, depending on key factors such as gender, rural coverage, skills and educational levels.

This workshop, organised jointly by the World Bank/infoDev and the OECD,  shared and highlighted best practices in coherent approaches to meeting development objectives laid out by Ministers, including:

Did you know?

80% of the world's population

still lacks access to the Internet


For whom?

The workshop brought together working level officials from OECD member and selected non-member countries and representatives from the donor community. There were 2 presentations per session, followed by 2 invited respondents and open discussion between all participants. The number of participants was limited to around 80 to encourage active interaction. Participation was by invitation only.



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