• Environmental sustainability;
  • Capital approach to sustainability and well-being;
  • Social capital, social connections;
  • Sustainable Development Goals.


Well-being and quality of life

  • Official measurement of well-being, happiness and life satisfaction;
  • Official measurement problems in quality of life;
  • International differences in well-being;
  • Quality of work and jobs;
  • Governance, security and drugs.


The future role of official statistics

  • Regional and local statistics for better lives;
  • Actual use of official statistics for better lives;
  • Official Statistics and evidence-based policy making;
  • Sustainable Development Goals;
  • The future role/position of official statistics.


Communication and statistical literacy

  • Communication
  • Statistical literacy and partnerships
  • Innovative strategies and solutions that can be shared across official statistics.

The measurement and impact of digitalisation and globalisation

  • (Local) effects of globalisation on people’s lives;
  • The impact of digitalisation on people’s lives;
  • Official Measurement of digitalisation;
  • The mis-measurement of official economic statistics hypothesis.
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