GGSD_2016_Visual IDThe 2016 Green Growth and Sustainable Development (GGSD) Forum encompassed an evaluation of the environmental and economic outcomes of different land use and spatial planning policies, as well as an exploration of how innovative approaches to land-use regulation and environmental policy instruments could complement and impact on traditional land-use planning and current approaches to green growth at the city level.

The Forum drew on work to be undertaken by the Working Party on Integrating Environmental and Economic Policies (WPIEEP) of the Environment Policy Committee (EPOC), the Regional Development Policy Committee (RDPC), the Network on Environment and Development Co-operation (ENVIRONET) of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

The Forum was composed of several sessions that focused on: 

  • inclusive green growth and sustainable development in land policy use
  • the remaining challenges of urban sprawl
  • innovative approaches to green growth and inclusiveness challenges in cities
  • resilient infrastructure
  • tracking progress on urban green growth and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • inclusive cities campaign
  • impact of tax policies on land use outcomes


Side event on November 10 (from 13:00 to 14:30)

Launch of the OECD report "Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia"

The Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia project explores how to promote green growth in rapidly urbanising cities in Asia, examining policies and governance practices that encourage competitiveness and greening of their rapidly expanding economies. Five case studies have been conducted, in Bangkok (Thailand), Hai Phong (Viet Nam), Bandung, Iskandar Malaysia (Malaysia) and Cebu (Philippines). This report synthesises the findings of the case studies.

Details of the project can be found here.


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