What is the toolbox?

The OECD Public Procurement Toolbox is a unique online knowledge sharing platform supporting the implementation of the 2015 OECD Recommendation on Public Procurement. It contains evidence-based tools and advice as well as country examples showcasing practices which have been successfully tested in a number of countries.

Why has it been updated?

The Toolbox has been updated to mirror the 12 principles included in the OECD Recommendation: transparency, integrity, access, balance, participation, efficiency, e-procurement, capacity, evaluation, risk management, accountability and integration. They reflect the critical role governance of public procurement must play in achieving and advancing public policy objectives. 

Who should use it?

The Toolbox has been mainly developed for policy makers and public procurement practitioners from OECD and non-OECD countries. The toolbox can also be of interest representatives from the private sector and civil society as well as other organizations working on public procurement issues. The targeted audiences are specified in each tool.

How to navigate?

The Toolbox is organized around the 12 principles (see above) represented by an interactive graphic. For each principle, the user will be able to find: relevant background information, related tools, country cases and reviews, as well as relevant OECD and external links. The user can also use the search function in order to find relevant information. 

How to search for specific information?

The Toolbox includes a search function which allows the users to find relevant information, including policy tools, country examples as well as assessment tools. The user can search by keywords and refine its search by filters (principles, public procurement stages, countries, type of documents, audience). 

How can the user contribute?

The involvement of the public procurement community of practices is key to keep the Toolbox relevant and responsive to its needs. The OECD Secretariat will update the content of the Toolbox on a regular basis. Relevant tools and country examples can be sent to the OECD Secretariat: public.procurement[@] Many thanks!

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