PUBLIC GOVERNANCE MAKES INCLUSIVE GROWTH HAPPEN!                                                                           

In many countries inequality is growing as the benefits of economic growth go to the richest members of society. Inclusive Growth is all about changing the rules so that more people can contribute to and benefit from economic growth.

Governance - the way that governments do their jobs - can make the difference as to whether growth benefits everyone, or just a few. 

On 28 October, ministers and cabinet-level officials from OECD countries and beyond met in Helsinki, Finland, to help determine how we can shape the policy cycle to deliver growth for everyone.  

Conclusions/ Chair's summary

For more information, click on the boxes below to discover the four steps of governance for inclusive growth or view the videos for a graphical presentation of each.


GOV Ministerial Website   GOV Ministerial Website
GOV Ministerial Website‌‌   GOV Ministerial Website



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