Read the full conference summary and key messages PDF

The conference focused on the themes of fostering global partnerships, with a focus on sub-national governments and emerging economies, and developing the capacity to use behavioural insights (BI) to tackle complex problems.

The first day focused on the what. Opening the conference, WCG Premier Helen Zille urged participants to be brave and not to run away from the hard challenges, but embrace them to find innovative solutions to difficult problems. Participants addressed the theme through a series of unconference and breakout sessions looking at four key policy areas for inclusion and sustainability:

1. improving education and youth policies;
2. creating safer communities;
3. making better choices in water, energy and transport; and
4. delivering better health services and results.

The second day pushed the discussion towards the how to mainstream BI across governments. Participants took part in a collective exercise to test and provide feedback for the draft BASIC Behavioural Insights Toolkit and Ethical Framework. They discussed how to push the boundaries of the use of behavioural insights, including promoting organisational behaviour change within government to improve service delivery, reduce red tape, and improve recruitment practices, amongst other outcomes. Finally, participants looked at how governments can mainstream behavioural insights based on the experiences of BI teams and initiatives across levels of government and continents.

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