Policy coherence for sustainable development


  • Governance as an SDG Accelerator - Country Experiences and Tools

    This report looks at whole-of-government co-ordination, policy coherence and integrity, stakeholder engagement and open government, and the strategic use of budgeting, procurement and regulatory tools.

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  • Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development 2019

    The third in a series, this reports shows how integrated and coherent policies, supported by strong institutional and governance mechanisms, can contribute to empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.

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  • PCSD online toolkit

    The PCSD online toolkit aims to enable policy-makers, practitioners and stakeholders to use easily accessible guidance, tools and resources for strengthening their capacities to enhance policy coherence in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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We work to strengthen the capacity of governments to design, implement and monitor coherent and integrated policies for sustainable development. This entails fostering synergies across economic, social and environmental policy areas; identifying trade-offs and reconcile domestic and international objectives; and addressing the spill-overs of domestic policies on other countries and on future generations.


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Photo by IISD - Francis Dejon

25 September 2019, Launch of the Global Hub on the Governance for the SDGs, UN Headquarters, New York


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