Regional dialogue and peer learning

The OECD promotes policy dialogue between OECD and Eurasia countries, as well as among countries of the region, through country-specific work, peer review processes and knowledge sharing.

Eurasia Roundtable Logo

Held every year during OECD Eurasia Week, the OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Roundtable serves as a platform to: 

  • carry out peer reviews on competitiveness reform implementation at the country level;
  • exchange good practices between OECD members, Eurasia countries and partner organisations;
  • develop policy guidelines and recommendations;
  • monitor progress with the implementation of competitiveness reforms.

Country-specific support

The OECD supports partner countries in Eurasia at both regional and country levels.

Country-specific support for individual countries in the region includes:

  • The Kazakhstan Country Programme, which addresses such issues as social policy, public governance, environmental protection, innovation, and education and skills.
  • The Ukraine Action Plan, which supports reform in the areas of anti-corruption, governance and the rule of law, and investment and business climate.

Thematic work in Eurasia

  • Strengthening Education, Employment and Social Development: improving education systems and learning outcomes, seeking best practices of social and health policies, improving youth inclusion, fostering dialogue on development co-operation and managing international migration

OECD Programmes

  • Eurasia Competitiveness Programme (ECP): the ECP carries out country-specific projects and involves Eurasia countries in its regional work through peer reviews and the regular assessment of SME policies.
  • GREEN Action Programme: this Programme promotes the integration of environmental considerations into economic, social and political reforms of countries in the region.
  • SIGMA: the EU-OECD Support for the Improvement of Governance and Management (SIGMA) Programme provides assistance in such areas as financial control, civil service legislation, public administration reform and public finance management.
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