Environment in emerging and transition economies


  • Moldova: Enhancing the Economic Regulatory System for Water Supply and Sanitation

    30 July - This report aims to support the development of a sound economic regulatory system for the water supply and sanitation (WSS) sector in the Republic of Moldova (hereafter “Moldova”); and outlines ways and means for strengthening the capacity of the Moldovan government to provide sound regulation and that of WSS operators to deliver higher standards of service while ensuring the affordability of WSS services.

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  • Kazakhstan: Addressing Industrial Air Pollution

    30 July - Kazakhstan has recorded impressive economic growth rates since its independence, driven mainly by export of commodities and high rate of energy use. These rates are not sustainable and are generating significant air pollution, in particular from industrial stationary sources. This is putting at risk the country’s development ambitions to become one of the top global economies by 2050 and converge towards OECD living standards.

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  • Moldova: Energy Subsidy Reform

    2018 - This report looks at the fiscal, environmental and social impacts of energy subsidy reform in Moldova with a particular focus on energy affordability. Reduced value added tax (VAT) rate on natural gas consumption and a VAT exemption on electricity and heat consumption by domestic users represent the largest fossil-fuel consumer subsidies in Moldova.

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The OECD supports countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) in developing policies that improve environmental quality and social well-being, while creating opportunities for strong economic growth and decent jobs. This work is carried out under the GREEN Action Task Force which is a unique platform of EECCA countries and development co-operation partners to exchange best practice and experience on key environmental and green growth policies, to upgrade these policies and institutional capacities for environmental management and to promote green investment.

Green ACTION TASK FORCE: greening the economy in eastern europe, caucasus and central asia

Greening economies in the EU Eastern Neighbourhood
- from Commitment to Results  (PDF) 

Water policy reforms in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia
- Achievements from 2006-16


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