Browse the links to the publications and related programmes below.

BLUE (Biodiversity, Land Use and Ecosystems)

  • Biodiversity Offsets – Effective Design and Implementation (forthcoming)
  • The Economics of Marine Protected Areas (forthcoming)
  • Biodiversity and Development – Mainstreaming and Managing for Results (forthcoming)
  • Scaling-up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity Publication | Highlights


Circular Economy

  • Guidance Manual on Extended Producer Responsibility Publication | Highlights (forthcoming)
  • Policy Guidance on Resource Efficiency PublicationHighlights
  • Nanomaterials in Waste Streams – Current Knowledge on Risks & Impacts Publication
  • Material Resources, Productivity and the Environment Publication
  • Sustainable Materials Management – Making Better Use of Resources Publication
  • Environmental labelling and information schemes Perspectives


Health and Safety & Air Pollution

  • Guiding Principles for Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response Series
  • Cutting Costs in Chemicals Management – How OECD Helps Governments and Industry Publication



Climate change

Adapting to Climate Change Challenges

  • Climate Change Risks and Adaptation – Linking Policy and Economics Publication | Perspectives
  • Water and Climate Change Adaptation – Policies to Navigate Uncharted Waters Publication | Perspectives
  • Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change – A Role for Public Policies

Aligning Policies

  • Aligning Policies for a Low-carbon Transition Publication | Synthesis

Greening the financial system

  • Green bonds – Mobilising the debt capital markets for a low-carbon transition (forthcoming)
  • Green Investment Banks – Scaling up Private Investment in Low-Carbon, Climate-resilient infrastructure Publication | Perspectives

Improving Transparency

  • Climate Finance in 2013-14 and the USD 100 billion Goal Publication | Summary

Promoting Effective Mitigation

  • The Economic Consequences of Climate Change Publication | Highlights
  • Climate Change Mitigation - Policies and Progress Publication
  • Effective Carbon Rates – Pricing CO2 Through Taxes and Emissions Trading Systems (forthcoming)
  • Taxing Energy Use 2015 – OECD and Selected Partner Economies Publication
  • Companion to the Inventory of Support Measures for Fossil Fuels 2015 Publication


  • OECD programme on climate change

Green Growth & more


Performance Reviews





  • Poland | Highlights



  • OECD programme on environmental country reviews


  • Water and Cities – Ensuring Sustainable Futures Publication | Highlights
  • Water Resources Allocation – Sharing Risks and Opportunities Publication | Highlights
  • OECD Principles on Water Governance Publication
  • Water – Fit to Finance? Publication
  • Drying Wells, Rising Stakes – Towards Sustainable Agricultural Groundwater Use Publication
  • Policies to Manage Floods and Droughts in Agriculture Publication


  • OECD programme on water
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