Climate change

“Strong climate action is not a threat to, but the foundation of, our future economic well-being”.
Angel Gurría – OECD Secretary-General

“Strong climate action is not a threat to, but the foundation of, our future economic well-being”.
Angel Gurría – OECD Secretary-General

Climate change is increasingly impacting on people’s lives, disrupting national economies and transforming ecosystems, including the ocean. The need for urgent, strong and co-operative action based on mutual trust and understanding has never been higher. Similarly, it is vital that countries strengthen their ability to understand, plan for and continuously manage climate risks.

The OECD is playing an active role. As well as supporting the international climate negotiations over many years, the OECD has increased its efforts to help countries to deliver on their national and international climate commitments and contributions. OECD work focuses on the environmental, economic, financial and social dimensions that are critical to the creation of low-emissions, climate-resilient development pathways.

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Spotlight: OECD Secretary-General's 2019 Climate Lecture

Climate: Reclaiming our Common Future, 3 July 2019 - 12:30-14:00 - Graduate Institute, Geneva

In his fourth biennal climate change lecture, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría focuses on how countries can overcome the numerous political, economic and social barriers to achieve the rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions needed to safeguard our common future. The Secretary-General argues that a shift in perspective is needed to ensure better two-way alignment between climate and wider societal goals.

Read the full lecture (PDF)


> Watch the video recording


> Watch the video recording


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Green Finance, Investment and Tracking

The OECD is helping to catalyse and support the transition to a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient economy through the development of effective policies, institutions and instruments for green finance and investment.

Climate Action and the Economy

Climate Resilience and Adaptation

The OECD is responding to the challenge of climate adaptation by supporting governments in planning and implementing effective, efficient and equitable adaptation policies

Input to International Climate Fora

Find out how the OECD is contributing to the international climate negotiations:

Land-use, Ecosystems and Agriculture

The linkages and interactions between climate change, land use, ecosystems and agriculture are inextricable, offering both opportunities for synergies and the need to reconcile trade-offs when devising policies. The OECD is conducting multiple areas of work across this diverse nexus of issues.

Cities and Climate Change

How can cities be most effective in tackling climate change and achieving greener growth? Recent OECD work explores these questions in detail.

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Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth

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