Environment Directorate


  • Denmark: Environmental Performance Review

    14 November - Denmark's energy and carbon intensities are among the lowest in the OECD area. Green taxation as a share of GDP is the highest in the OECD, and the country is a leader in eco-innovation. Denmark has also achieved impressive results in the material recovery of most waste streams and reached a political agreement to move to a circular economy.

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  • Report: Pharmaceutical Residues in Freshwater

    13 November - The report "Pharmaceutical Residues in Freshwater - Hazards and Policy Responses" calls for a better understanding of the effects of pharmaceutical residues in the environment, greater international collaboration and accountability distribution, and policy actions to prevent and remedy emerging concerns.

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  • Event: Forum on Green Finance and Investment

    29-30 October - The Forum discussed emerging green and sustainable finance and investment issues: international initiatives, role of central banks, emerging taxonomies for sustainable finance.

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The Environment Directorate helps countries to design environmental policies that are both economically efficient and effective at achieving their environmental objectives.

learn more on What we do with our brochure: OECD WORK ON ENVIRONMENT 2019-20

Brochure: OECD work on environment 2019-20 (PDF)



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