On 14-15 January 2016 the OECD hosted a Ministerial meeting on Labour and Employment, and a Policy Forum on the Future of Work. Ministers from more than 40 OECD and partner countries convened at the OECD headquarters in Paris for a rich exchange of ideas and experiences on how to build more resilient and inclusive labour markets in light of the lessons learned from the recent global economic crisis and in view of the ongoing changes in the world of work as a result of demographic shifts, technological change and globalisation. The meeting also identified priority topics for future OECD work in the employment and labour policy field.


Back-to-back with the Ministerial meeting, a Policy Forum on the Future of work took place to discuss how digitisation is shaping the world of work and the implications for skills and labour market policy. The Forum brought together over 300 participants including key academics, Labour and Employment Ministers, entrepreneurs and leading representatives from the business sector and the trade unions. The discussions that took place during the Forum will shape the OECD and participating countries’ policy agenda to promote better jobs and well-being.

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